Humera Sankyo Corporation

About us


We take opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters from Sialkot. We are in the production field since 1972 but in the start we were selling our products in the local market only. In 1975 we registered our firm Humera Sankyo Coproraion for supplying our products to foreign markets.

Mission / Aim:
Our mission is to continue to feed the world and its customers by providing highest quality products. Our aims to get a lead in the international market of high quality products by satisfying the needs of the customers and to innovate and deliver the best possible product to our customers and to safeguard and promote the interest of all the stockholders.

Our policy is first come first serve. We always do work for the total satisfaction of the customer with the supply of our full guaranteed quality products at most competitive prices and in time delivery services. We wish to mention that satisfaction of our valued buyers over our products is our asset in fact.

Production / Vast Experience & Skills:
We make quality products which are prepared after so many processes with lots of care. We use modernized and sophisticated machines to make all these products. Our production department has skilled craftsmen using their techniques with modernized machines. Our quality control department is conscious about the customer's requirement and always ahead to do best relate to all aspects of quality concern.

Manufacturing Items / Products:

Instruments & Implants
Orthopedic instruments and implants including screws, plates, taps, sleeves, pins, holding forceps, bone cutters, plate bender, bits, screw driver, depth gauge, guides, prosthesis, ronguers, punches, wires, kits and sets, etc.
Ophthalmic instruments including iris forceps, speculums, knives, curettes, hooks, dilators, retractors, cannulas, spatulas, needle holders, scissors, kits and sets, etc.
Surgical instruments including anesthesia, laryngoscopes, diagnostic, stethoscopes, tuning forks, otoscopes, thermometer, tongue spatula, ear syringes, sphygmomanometer, proctoscopes, percussion hammers, vaginal speculums, haemostatic forceps, scissors, retractors, scalpels & handles, thumb & tissue forceps, tubing & towel clamps, trocars & puncture & suture needles, plaster of paris, otology, rhinology, mouth & tongue, tonsils, curettes, larynx, tracheotomy, thorax, gall bladder, kidney, intestine & stomach, punches, urology, ronguers, rectum, gynecology, obstetric, dermatology, etc.
Hospital equipment / furniture & hollowware including trolley, table, chair, bed pan, bowl, kidney tray, beds, stools, gallipots, drums, jars, boxes, urinals, mugs, cans, etc.
Dental instruments including extracting forceps, ronguers, curettes, scissors, elevators, scalar, explorers, mouth gags, retractor, amalgam carriers, pliers, probes, chisel, cotton tweezers, etc,
Beauty instruments including nail cutter, nail nipper, cuticle nipper, tissue nippers, hair cutting shears, rasp, pliers, barber / thinning scissors, eyebrow tweezers, nail & skin care, etc.
Veterinary / Animal equipments and instruments including stethoscope, percussion hammers, bull holders, mouth gags, nose rings, applicators, retractors, anesthesia, scalpel handles, bistouries, scissors, forceps, clamps, probes & directors, dissectors, spatulas, ligature, needle holders, suture, needles, butcher saw, knives, drills, burs, nails, drivers, impactors, extractors, calipers, guides, holding forceps, bone cutter, chisels, gauges, osteotomes, shears, ronguers, trephines, intestinal & stomach, trocars, vaginal speculum, hooks, chains, embryotome, obstetrical, gynecological, uterine holding, punch, catheters, spay, castration, emasculator, castrator, teat tube, milk tube, milk sucking preventor, eve snare, tracheotomy, tooth cutter, molar cutter, scalar, elevator, hoof, claw, tester, farrier, dehorning instruments, dog, cat, horse, sheep instruments, ear notcher, balling guns, syringes, biological set, post mortem set, etc.
Equestrian products including bits, stirrups, spurs, knives, etc.

Material for Preparing Products:
Japanese steel (J1, J2, AISI 410, AISI 420) and French steel (Z30, S410).
316L stainless steel for orthopedic implants or pure titanium.
Ophthalmic instruments are available in either made of stainless steel or titanium.
We use standard material for all products in manufacturing.

Finish of Goods:
We can supply you instruments in any finish i.e. Satin (Dull), Mirror (Polish), Sand, Gold Plated, Black Coating, Blue Coating, Chrome Plated etc.

Ready Stock:
We have a lot of items in our ready stock as semi-finished, so we are capable to handle huge shipments easily.

Counter Samples:
If any buyer wishes to get supplies of his own choice, they do not feel any hesitation and should oblige us their own sketch / drawing of any items and upon receipt, absolute perfection would be provided for their inspection. If you have your own sketches and specifications, please let us know your esteemed requirements, because we are confident to provide you safe, secure and in time delivery.

Standards & Certifications:
We are registered with US FDA's cGMP with registration # 3004369159 and also has CE Mark with reference # CA 007948.We always do work according to international standards.

Warrantee / Guarantee: We offer warrantee for our quality products. If any buyer found any defect relating to workmanship or material please contact us within one month after receipt of goods.

Sales Representative: We have our sales representative in different countries; we have appointed them for representing our company and promoting our products in that country. If anyone has any question about any sales representative, please contact us without any hesitation.

Freight Forwarders:
We normally ship the consignments (by Air and by Sea) through our own freight forwarders but customer may inform us if they prefer their own agent for forwarding the consignment. We also ship the small orders through EMS, DHL or FedEx.

Delivery of Orders:
We always try to dispatch the orders in time (according to confirmed delivery time to customer).

We shall quote you prices on FOB basis as well as on C&F basis according to customer request.

Validity of Prices:
These prices are valid till December 31, 2010

Minimum Order:
We have a minimum order of US$: 100.00

Return Policy:
Customers must contact within 30 days of receipt of goods, if they find any defect in any item.

Mode & Type of Payments:
· We prefer to receive the payment from our consignee by t/t (telegraphic transfer) at the moment. Please contact us to get instructions for remitting the payment.
· We prefer Advance Payment but L/C is also acceptable but it must be Irrevocable Letter of Credit at Sight. If you have any question please contact us.

We can supply you our products in following packaging: -

  • Plastic bag for bulk supplies
  • Zipper bag packaging
  • Pouch packaging
  • Blister packaging
  • Bubble packaging

Discount(s): Following discounts may / will be offered.
Discount on each item- it basis on the quantity of the ordered per item.
Discount on each order- it basis on the amount of the order.
Discount on each order- it basis on regular orders such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.

Tenders & Queries:
We always welcome tenders and inquiries from all over the world. Please contact us with your requirements. Hope we will fulfill your requirements.

I assure you and premeditate that our quality products and competitive prices with our brilliant and hearty services will make you our regular customer. For this we need a chance to prove our claims and proceed the transactions for mutual advantages.

We invest our confidence in our fair customers and genuine businessmen for mutual benefits. The quality of the products is always assured and guaranteed in the name of our company. We are eager to manage business transactions for mutual benefits with your esteemed organization.

Owners of the Organization :
The Managing Partner and partners of the firm are as follows :

Mr. Imran Ali Qureshi (Managing Partner )
Mr. Rizwan Ali Qureshi ( Partner )
Mr. Nauman Ali Qureshi ( Partner )
Mr. Kamran Ali Qureshi ( Partner )