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Düsseldorf, 13th to 16th November 2017
Hall NO. 17, 
Stands No: C83 
Booth No. 17

BOOTH LOCATED at Szabó József sétány
FROM 17-20TH MARCH 2016
Health Conference and Exhibiton
02 - 04 December 2015 /
Ankara/ Turkey

 Trade general show 1997 through EPB
 Budapest trade show 1996 through EPB
 Melbourne trade show general through 1992 EPB


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Operating Knives

Delicate Scalpels, Dissecting Knives Scarifying Knives, Fistula Knives

Blade Holders Scalpel Handles

Dermatome, Amputating Knives Post Mortem Knives

Operating Scissors Gynecological Scissors

Thorax & Vascular Scissors Brain & Neurosurgical Scissors

Tonsil & Nasal Scissors Episiotomy Scissors, Umbilical Scissors

Plastic Surgery Scissors

Gum Scissors, Thoracic Scissors Vascular Surgery Scissors

Iris Scissors Fine Operating Scissors

Enterotomy Scissors Nail Splitting & Ligature Scissors

Ligature Scissors Wire & Plaster Sheas

Bandage Scissors Plaster-of-Paris Shears

Micro Scissors

Suture Forceps, Iris Forceps Fixation And Grasping Forceps

Artery Forceps

Artery Forceps Tumor Seizing Forceps

Artery Forceps Angiotribs

Artery Forceps, Dissecting Forceps Ligature Forceps

Artery Forceps Bronchus Forceps

Artery Dissecting And Ligature Gall Duct Clamps Forceps

Gal Duct, And Kidny Pedicel Clamp Forceps

Gall Duct, Clamp Forceps, Hysterectomy Forceps

Clamps Forceps, Hysterectomy Vaginal Forceps, Peritoneal Clamp Forceps

Towel Forceps Tubing Clamps Forceps

Cotton Swab, Polypus Foreign Body And Forceps

Polypus Dressiang Forceps Cotton Swab Forcebs Blood Vessel Forceps

Blood Vessel Forceps

Intestinal Tissue Forceps Tissue Seizing Forceps Blood Vessel Forceps

Intestinal Tissue Forceps Intestinal Clamps Forceps

Intestinal Clamps Forceps

Intestinal Stomach Clamps Forceps

Intestinal And Anatomosis Clamp Kidney Stone Forceps Gall Stone Forceps

Vulsellum Forceps, Capsule Forceps Penis Seizing Forceps, Tenaculum Forceps

Vulsellum Forceps Tenaculum Forceps

Uterine Polypus & Elevating Forceps Tounge Holding Forceps, Tonsil Seizing Forceps

Heamostatic Forceps, Various Forceps

Sterlizing Forceps Various Forceps

Tendon Seizing Forceps Bronchus Clamps, Lunge Grapsing Forceps

Meatus Clamps Placentia & Ovum Forceps

Dressing Forceps

Dressing Tissue Forceps

Grasping Tissue Forceps

Splinter Forceps Micro Forceps, Cilia Forceps

Iris Forceps Conjunctival Forceps

Iris Forceps Fixation Forceps Capsular Forceps

Fixation Forceps, Capsular Forceps Tissue Forceps

Tissue Forceps, Suture Forceps, Anterior Chamber Forceps, Strabismus Forceps

Muscular, Advancement And Entropium Forceps


Stethoscopes Diagonistic Sets

Diagonistic Sets

Micro Needle Holder

Needle Holder

Suture Instruments

Dressing Instruments

Pelvis Retractors Bladder Retracters


Fistula & Fine Skin Hooks Fine Wound & & Nerve Hooks Ear Hooklets

Retractors Bone Hooks

Wound & Knee Retractors

Retractors & Spatulas

Retractors & Lung Spatulas Abdominal & Vaginal Retractors

Abdominal Retractors & Spatulas

Renal Sinus Retrators Abdominal & Intestinal Spatulas

Bladder Retractors

Abdominal & Intestinal Spatulas

Abdominal Retractors

Nerve Root Retractors

Cotton Applicators Probes

Trocars, Suction Tubes

Bulldog Clamps

Amputing & Resection Saws Instruments, For Bone Plates And Screws Clamps Flat Nose Pliers, Wire Cutting Pliers

Bone Wire Tightener Extension Bows Bone Chisels And Gouges

Bone Chisels & Gouges

Bone Chisels & Gouges, Hemostats

Mallets, Bone Curettes

Bone Curettes Teriosteal Raspatories

Elevators, Bone Levers

Bone Holding Forceps

Bone Rongeur Forceps

Bone Rongeur Forceps Bone Cutting Forceps, Bone Preforating Forceps

Bone Cutting Forceps, Bone Preforating Forceps, Finger Ring Saws

Bone & Rib Shears Bone Punch, Rib Spreaders

Aorta Clamps, Rib Spreaders Rib Contractors Lung Spatulas

Instruments For Cranail Opening Cervical Traction Tongs

Dura Disectors Nerv Separators & Elevators, Brain Spatulas Nerve Root Retractors

Probe, Nerve Retractors Nerve Hook, Cannulas Elevators, Knives, Dura Hooks

Dura Hooks, Cardotomy Instruments Pitutary Curettes, Intervertbral Disk Rongeurs

Intervertebral Disk Rongeurs

Laminectomy Rongeurs

Vaginal Specula

Vaginal Specula & Retractors

Retractors Endospecula Uterine Dilators

Uterine Dilators, Sponge Holders Uterine Sounds& Depressors

Pelvimeters Obstetrical(Midwifery)Forceps


Suction Biopsy Curettes Cervical Biopsy & Specimen Forceps

Cervical Biopsy & Specimen Forceps

Uterine Curettes, Uterine Scoops

Uterine Curettes

Gall Stone Probes, Gall Duct Dilators Gall Stone Scoops

Dilating Bougies, Metal-katheter Circumcision Instruments

Rectal Specula, Anal Retractors Anoscope, Protoscopes

Anoscopes, Biopsy Specimen Forceps Heamorrhoidal(Pile)Forceps

Eye Specula

Lid Instruments, Suturing Spatula Keratomes, Fixation Claws, Hooks, Hooklets And Retractors

Retractors, Lens Scoops, Eye Spoons Chalazion Curettes, Dissectors

Double-Ended Instruments Ligature Needles

Ear Specula

Ear Polypus Snares, Ear Dressing Forceps Eustachain Catheters, Tuning Fork

Ear Polypus Forceps

Curettes & Spoons

Nasal Dilators & Specula

Dressing And Tampon Forceps Nasal Polypus Forceps, Septum Compression Forceps

Ethmoid Forceps, Nasal Cutting Forceps

Adenoid Cutting Forceps Septum Elevators, Septum & Periosteal

Periosteotomes, Chisels & Gouges Rhinoplastic Instruments

Bauch-Und Darmspatel

Micro Scissors Bayonet-Shaped

Curettes & Spoons

Nasal Dilators & Specula

Dressing and tampon forceps Nasal polypus forceps

Ethmoid Forceps, Nasal Cutting Forceps

Rhinoplastic Instruments

Curettes Tranchantes, Adenoid Curettes

Trachea Trocars

Lupus Curettes, Hooklets Comedo Extractors

Mouth Gags

Mouth Gags, Tongue Depressor

Cleft Palate Needles, Tonsil Needles Tonisil Knife & Dissector Enucleator

Tonsil Retractors, Abscess Forceps & Knife Tonsil Snares

Laryngeal Mirrors, Laryngeal Polypus Forceps Epiglottis

Dissecting Sets

Cleft Palate Needles, Tonsil Needles Tonisil Knife & Dissector Enucleator

Surgical Holloware


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